Empowerment of marginalized women and victims of violence

Project 1:

Support and empowerment of young single-parent women victims of violence in the village of Bafut in the North West Region Cameroon.

Location of proposed project (city or town, province) Bamenda, Bafut, Mezam / Northwest, Yaoundé (Centre).

Brief project description:

  1. a) Project sector: Protection of vulnerable groups / gender based violence
  1. b) Project summary

In Cameroon, the report on the situation of human rights for 2013, 1418 cases of rape were reported, the Ministry of Promotion of Women and the Family 6009 denounced cases of women to understand for physical violence and psychological. Central and northern regions were the most representative.

After a little investigation started by the Association the Heart of Development on the situation of single mothers in the Center,South and North West Cameroon, we identified fifty (50) young single mothers victims of violence, domestic violence, sexual and physics violence, with a total of 31 children with support needs. In an interview with single mothers in Bafut, it became clear that an urgent need for financial assistance for the education of their children (school fees and school materials.), Medical assistance as the provision of medicines, medical consultations, etc. And their empowerment through the development of a small revenue-generating activities in order to increase their income and meet their basic needs and those of their children.

Support for the construction of a borehole and education Hygiene empower women of the village of Gic AAPROFFIRCE Etok in the town of Evodoula

Project 2:

Settlement area: Etok town by Evodoula

Target Population: The ICM AAPROFFIRCE women and villagers


The health of Cameroonians is a concern for the Cameroonian State. Assign drinking water to all rural areas is a challenge for the government to reduce the mortality rate due to lack of drinking water. The ICG ICG AAPROFFIRCE is located twenty kilometers from Evodoula, a village located in the department of Lekié. The ICG is a group of about 20 active women. These women are specialized in processing cassava, processing Maize and palm oil palm nuts. This GIC is located in the heart of the village and suffers water needs, women are forced to travel several kilometers to collect water for their daily activities and tasks.

Women ICG and village, need a drill to carry out their activities successfully and facilitate the mass production of its products. The coming of drilling in this location will also allow the town to have access to drinking water. The underdevelopment of the village created by the lack of water and electricity to drive the young people leaving the rural exodus and a village full of natural wealth for the perversion in major cities.