• Regional integration in International Relations is the process by which the regularity and intensity of interactions between some states and some companies grow, allowing for the creation of community security, increased economic interdependence, promoting a shared entity in a particular geographic area, the development of institutionalized collective action which can lead right up to political unification.
  • In Africa the birth process of regional groupings was born of the Pan African ideology and the political-ideological context that existed before the creation of the OAU in 1963. Forty years later this organization will take a new direction with the birth of the African Union.
  • The AU is an international organization that has a macro geographical scale, whose purpose and goal is the construction of an African power so as to meet the major international challenges. To this effect the preamble of its Constitution does not fail to emphasize this Resolution of African states “to take up the multifaceted challenges that confront our continent and peoples, in the light of social, economic and political changes occurring in the world “. The construction of the Union aims at addressing sustainable development issues on the continent.
  • Following this logic, Inside Development works to promote African citizenship and solidarity among young people through the promotion of regional integration and solidarity projects in Africa.
  • One of the flagship projects is that of the culture of regional integration and the integration of migrant population in Cameroon.